Global war museum skall nu sälja militärhistoria i form av en VW typ 82 från 1942 som tjänstgjorde som fordon i det ockuperade Norge fom 1942 till 1945.

Bilen är i skick som den lämnade fabriken – alla bud skall skrivas på mail till info@globalwarmuseum.com startbudet börjar på 70.000 Euro och vi avslutar budgivningen 190815 24.00.

Under de 15 år vi ägt den så har vi kostat på den i underhåll och förbättringar på över 200.000:- utöver inköpspriset.

Bilen fungerar perfekt och vi har gjort allt för att den varje år förbättrats efter att vi importerade den från Norge – Förra ägaren ägnade 10 år att göra den mycket bra – Vi har fulländat arbetet till nästan 100%. Den har stått i vårt uppvärmda museum sedan dess och vi har restaurerat motor – växellåda mm mm. och sedan dess kört ca 15 mil så den är fortfarande under inkörning och vi skall byta motorolja efter 30 mil.

Bilen är inregistrerad i det Svenska bilregistret med registreringsnummer





This Kübelwagen type 82 have a history from the occupied Norway. I bought it in Norway 2006 and I have made an historyresearch. I have a document from Wolfsburg Historicher Amt ( The Wolfsburg historical history department) have the serialnumber 7090 of all the VW producced cars in the world.

It was built in March 28 and delivered to the German Kriegsmarine (German Navy) April 2. It was transported to Norway with the number plate WM-83200. It was in use until the German capitulation May 8 1945.

I have had it in The Global war museum in Sweden as one of the cars that was for exhibition since 2006 and I have used it in some events and in an American movie 2018.

Every year I have nursed it so 2 times I have split the the engine to make a total restoration that I will send copies to the new owner. The last time I did this was in 2018 and I said to the firm that is specialized to this work to make a total overhauling of everything. The gearbox was checked and they swift oil and the engine was for the second time split in pieces so that make sure that everything was going to be good as new.

The crankshaft was sent to a firm in Gothenburg – Sweden to grind it and hardened it so it would be better than when it was new. Everything costed approx. 4000 Euro to do this so I could sell it with a good conscience that the new owner would not have any problems with the car for many years.

We have bought colour from Ferromil with the right mix and RAL coded grey that was used in 1942. It costed a total of with a pro that made the job 2500 Euro with the grinding and all the job with the primer and painting and the job was done in 2016.

Some parts have been bought as replica like the chair upholstery and rubber etc that was needed to be swapped and the tires is Wesa gelände from the Czech Republic so that everything would be great. The ex-owner spent 10 years restore it to be so great it could be and he is famous in Norway for his great work with old military cars.

During my years of research I have found out that it is only in my knowledge only 2 reaming from The Navy, one in USA – 1943 and my car from 1942. I have spent approx. 20.000 Euro to keep the car in this good shape. And I bought it for a sum that is not presented here.

The asking price is 70.000 Euro or the highest bidder and if You want to own a fantastic car or testdrive it You have time until August 15 2019 24.00 and the highest bidder will take over a grand car that is so well taking care of so it is just to start and drive. It have only 150 Km (93 Miles) since it was restored the last time 

All the bids and questions will be sent to info@globalwarmuseum.com in Sweden


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