About the Global War Museum

The Global War Museum (GWM) is completely unaffected by the state and municipality. Since it is Roland Jarl who owns the things and runs it as an individual company, it is not enough just to maintain the museum. Roland Jarl is an appraiser of everything and insurance companies – companies – associations – private individuals employ GWM as appraiser. GWM works with film props and rents out both its historical knowledge as well as objects and proofreading scripts etc.

Thanks to voluntary work from friends and donations as historical objects and not least money, the objects are well taken care of, nothing falls into any storage room but everything is shown. If you have inherited things that you do not value so much or rather want more people to see these items, you can donate anonymously or that we go out and thank the person in question.

GWM sometimes donates things such as the propeller blade from the DC-3 that was shot down by a German aircraft in 1943. Today, this propeller blade stands bolted out on Hållö outside Smögen as a memorial to the dead. If anyone who wants to volunteer in the museum has any special knowledge, you are warmly welcomed. We currently have several thousand items to be researched on which require patience and enthusiasm. As a volunteer you can follow along as a guest of honor at all events and go in all vehicles etc.

If you want to help ensure that this collection remains, every penny is important. If you know that an entrepreneur who creates work in the region and can continue with this, you can deposit an optional amount on our Bankgiro 5239 – 8310. Every krone we receive goes in full to preserve the collections for the coming generation. If you donate more than 10,000 SEK – you become an honorary guest in our museum and you can study everything and special invitations to historical lectures and events and filming.