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Call during the 1st War in exchange gold for iron. Wedding rings, brooches, rings and jewelry
(some of the symbolism of the Iron Cross were Echoing) issued to the citizens willing to donate.
Even if the action was voluntary, so a considerable social pressure has been generated, to participate.
The Social Control of involvement was simple: Those who wore the iron jewelry had proved to be a patriot,
who showed a continued gold, lost its reputation.
Not only individuals but also institutions were invited to exchange gold for iron.
This included the ability of clubs, churches and government agencies.
From 1916 a medal was presented as a reward for the supply of jewelry or an exchange of gold for paper money
(which is quickly losing its value) from the Reichsbank to the population.
Some metals were either raw material or the war effort for forex trading as important as gold and silver.
The medals were issued in numerous versions and very large numbers.
They are made of blackened iron, have a weight of 15.4g – 20.4g and have a diameter of 39-41mm.
This medal was designed by Hermann Hosaeus.

Hermann Hosaeus Dresden 1891/92 attended the School of Applied Arts and Crafts School
in 1892-94 Nuremberg with a focus on small sculpture. From 1894-96 he studied at the Munich Academy.
On the Great Berlin Art Exhibition of 1899 he first exhibited some works and was able to sell his first model.
Hosaeus specialized in both monuments, war memorials, in particular,
but was also as a designer of numerous medals at a busy artist.
In 1918 he became a lecturer, from 1933 to 1945 full professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering
at the Technische Hochschule Berlin-Charlottenburg, TU Berlin today.
In the era of National Socialism Hosaeus was member of the Nazi party.

In Eiserner Zeit 1916 – Gold gab ich zur Wehr, Eisen nahm ich zur Ehr
Iron, 40mm, 18,05 GRAM

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