Is the new name that we are going to work with. Why? During a lot of years we have built up a worldwide collection for movies – museum etc. During this last part of 2019 we are going to build up a huge site for military collectibles from Biblical time until present day.

The manager of Global war museum want´s to work with other museums and collectors and if You have suggestions Please write to and follow us on Facebook there I have been more active.

What do You want to buy and what do You miss in other webshops? I want input and constructive criticism so we can offer You a wonderful platform for this kind of products. Please write to me and give me Your insight so we can offer the customers a great satisfaction.

If You want to sell anything or swap I am open for suggestions and if any museum in the world wants our help – Don´t hesitate to contact us.

We are selling original military items but we are also going to sell movieprops that are used or brand new things that reeanctors and outdoors can use.

We are even going to have small auctions and some products that is not directly military like pocketwatches – wristwatches – coins – jewelry and more. The manager and his wife have a great antiquestore that could be a great complement to what You want us to sell.

I can work together with other military museums worldwide and so if You have any idea just contact the owner:


Workinghours: Monday to Friday: 10.00 – 18.00